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Our Services


Atakon Engineering, with the knowledge it has, serves for customers in industrial, commercial and social areas’s electro-mechanical installations about design and manufacture subjects listed below.


  • Design studies
  • Financial aspects and proposal studies
  • Detail studies (Construction methods, Shop drawings. Etc)
  • Material supply and Transport organization
  • Technical staff for installation and Employer supply
  • Testing and Engaging
  • Training and maintenance of system

1-Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Installations

  • Heating installation (Radiators, Convectors, Floor Heating, Fan Coil Unit(FCU), Heater etc.)
  • Steam and Superheated Water Installation
  • Cooling Installation
  • Ventilation Installation
  • VAV; CAV systems and controls
  • Pressurization and Fume Removal Installation
  • Hygienic Area Ventilation and Air Contitioning Systems
  • Split and VRV Air Conditioning Systems

2-Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems

  • Cold & Hot Water Supply
  • Waste Water Drainage & Pumping
  • Splinker and Drencher
  • Fire – Hose Cabinet Installation
  • Gas & Chemical Fire Extinquishers Installation

3-Compressed Air and Vacuum services

4-Water Purification Installation

  • Water Filtering
  • Water Softening
  • Chemical Dosing

5-Waste Water Purification Services

6-Mechanical Infrastructure Works (Water, Fire, Waste water, Garden Irrigations etc.)

7-Piping Process and Equipment Installations

8-Automatical Control and System Management


1-Medium Voltage Electrical Works:

  • Medium Voltage Power Supply
  • Medium Voltage Panels
  • Test and Acceptance Procedures

2-Low Voltage Electrical Works:

  • Low Voltage Power Supply, Transformers
  • Low Voltage Power Distribution, 0.4 kV Electric Panels
  • Compensation Systems
  • Auxiliary Energy System (Generator Set)
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply and Battery Systems
  • Heavy Current Installations (Cables, Busbar, Cable duct, Pipes)
  • Inside and Outside Lighting System
  • Emergency Lighting and Instruction System
  • Grounding System, 0.4 kV Protection
  • Lightening Protection System

3-Low Current (LC) Systems:

  • Telephone and Data Systems(Fiber Optic and Copper Copling)
  • Fire Protection and Alarm Systems
  • Gaseous Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Emergency Announcement and Music/Sound Systems
  • MTAV Systems
  • Closed Curcuit TV (CCTV) and Security Systems
  • Card Entrance and Intercom Systems
  • Car Park Control Systems

4-Automation Systems

  • Power management and Scada Analyser
  • Energy Metering Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Process Control and Instruments


  • Airport plants
  • Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings
  • Educational plants
  • Hospitals, Policlinics (Healthcare)
  • Artworks and Museums
  • Industrial and Technology Plants
  • Infrastructure and Pipelines
  • Residential
  • Sport & Leisure