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Quality-Enviroment Policy

As Atakon Engineering in substructure, superstructure and construction;

  • Provide the standarts defined by all laws and regulations
  • Compliance with client legal regulations and quality management system terms and keep up quality.
  • Reduce the use of natural resources and aim at consuming recycled material.
  • Minimize the wastes during the service and in every condition.
  • Take into account the environment while taking an investment decision.
  • Be careful and take cautions about all services.
  • Develop a quality and environmental management system and keep up to date these.
  • Reduce the emergency risks.
  • Providing staff training regarding the environment protection.
  • Fulfill all requirements of ISO9001-14001 quality and environment management system.
  • Make recommentations and suggestions on the implementation of environmental standarts similar to our system about our work to the third persons and suppliers providing goods and services to our company and subcontractors.
  • Become a leader in our industry on quality and environment and in order to meet our customer needs and expectations to comply with its quality and environmental management system.
  • Improve the quality and environmental management system and prevent the polution that we caused.